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Wednesday, October 24th, 2018
9:00am - 3:00pm

Napco Training. Earn 6 CEU Credits!

NEW FireLink Panel,
StarLink Fire Commercial
Sole and Dual Path Communicators
for Savings on Landlines and
NFPA 72 Code Compliance - ANY FACP

Learn How to Increase Your
Commercial RMR and Save Fire Alarm
Accounts Hundreds per Month in
Leased Landline Charges:

Meet the latest and prior versions
of NFPA 72 Code, replacing POTs with
Commercial Fire Alarm Cellular and
IP Communicators to satisfy requirements
for any region or AHJ.

Support all FACP Brands reporting in
Contact ID or 4/2. Ideal for older
fire system upgrades too.

Get StarLink Fire as low as
$29.95NET* with easy, unlimited $100
2G Trade up Incentive on every one.

See for yourself how easy they are
to install and activate.

Proven reliable, broadest nationwide
coverage, Verizon Network Certified® CDMA.

Check out all Napco StarLink’s
Universal Sole Path and Dual Path IP
and/or Cellular, Standard and Mercantile Models.


Get an overview of Napco Commercial
Platform and learn about award-winning

Firewolf Systems and addressable, conventional
and commercial wireless devices, too.

Earn 6 CEU credits!

- Food and beverages will be provided. -

Space is limited!
RSVP to register 210-499-0973.

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San Antonio, TX Office

AlarMax Distributors, Inc.
11915 Starcrest Dr
San Antonio, TX 78247
Fax: 210-495-0564
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Clark, Alex, Kevin, Rex (SW RSM)